Custom Logo 13'' Felt PU iPad Sleeve


Felt & PU

Colours Available

Light Grey and Dark Grey

Units per Carton

123 pcs

Weight per Carton (kg)

24 kg

Weight per Unit (g)

185 gm

Dimension (mm)

245 (H) x 365 (W)

Carton Size (cm)

62 (L) x 41 (W) x 62 (H)

Print Type

Silkscreen Print / UV Print / Heat Transfer / Embroidery

Packing details

Each in an OPP Bag


Custom Logo 13” Felt PU iPad Sleeve.


The perfect gift for your beloved employees and customers. Its lightweight and minimal design is sure to stand out from the crowd; paired together with your Custom Brand Logo, it is sure to take your breath away.

Also have the ability to store laptops that are 13” and other paper documents comfortably!

It has a snap closure function which always keeps your device in place and secure. Aside from its design, it can also protect your device from scratches.

The material of the Sleeve also allows you to use it as a mouse pad, for when you are working remotely in a coffee shop or other locations.

Your brand logo on the front of this iPad Sleeve will pop with confidence, its subtle grey colour has the ability to make your logo stand out and be seen.



Laptop Sleeve K001