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Best Premium Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Business

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

A thoughtful premium gift will always go a long way. It can be something as simple as a water bottle to something more expensive such as Power banks and Wireless Earphones; any one of them can be valuable to the receiver. As an established brand and Company, you can showcase the standards of your business by providing quality Premium Gifts to your employees and customers as a form of appreciation; as well as using these gifts as marketing and promotional strategies.

The most important and toughest part of gift-giving is deciding on the type of gifts you will be getting your beloved customers and staff. We believe that choosing the right gifts for corporations should be simple and affordable. Thus, here are some of the best corporate gift ideas that you can choose from!


In light of the current situation, the most valuable thing money can buy is hygiene products, such as hand sanitizers, face masks, disinfectant wipes and so on. What better gift to receive than a bag full of hygiene products to fight the Corona Virus consisting of hand sanitizers, face masks and disinfectant wipes? The best part, you can add your very own Custom Logo on each item (including the pouch) to make it more personalized. Make it special and add an essential item that is often forgotten about. Hygiene products can get quite costly nowadays, so this gift idea will not go unappreciated!

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2. Travel Bottle:

Travel Bottles easily are one of the greatest corporate gifts to receive. It is such a versatile and valuable gift that can be conveniently placed in a backpack or handbag for convenient carry. A beautifully customized travel bottle with your company logo can provide a sense of community amongst your employees, but also act as a subtle badge of honour when used in a public setting. Stay hydrated and Stay Healthy!

3 Backpack:

Number 3 on our list! Yet another great premium gift you should consider is a Backpack. Backpacks are essential to our everyday life as it can easily gather all our necessities in one place, not to mention how versatile they are, you will be able to pair them with any occasion and any fashion choice. Have your Company Logo beautifully embroidered or printed on the bag and your beloved staff will be overjoyed by the thought of a corporate bag they can use to hold their laptops and other daily items; it also makes the commute to work 100% easier and more efficient.

4. Sweatshirts:

A good Corporate Gift idea is when it keeps up with the trends and latest fashion! Sometimes it can get a little chilly in the office/workplace, get something to keep you warm and cozy on those days. We all love a quality and well-rounded sweater that we can use on our daily lives. The flexibility it offers allows us to wear it anytime we want. Look for Corporate Gifts Suppliers that keep stock of the latest fashion trends and designs to allow you to have many options to choose from, pair it up with your Company Logo and you could even start selling them as company merchandise! Read our article on “How to Pick the Right Corporate Gift Supplier?” to find out how to pick the right Corporate Gift Supplier.

5. Coffee Mug:

A favorite for Corporate Gifts in 2020/2021 so far is the Coffee Mug! A travelling coffee mug can get you from Point A to Point B smoothly without rush. To some, their morning coffee is the most important necessity, keep your coffee hot and delicious for long periods of time with no worries of spillage. If you are thinking of an Appreciation gift for your staff, this has to go on the list; plenty of different designs, it is sleek and versatile. The best part is that it is customizable, have your Custom company logo on the front of the coffee mug for the world to see. And, that will be the one of the best gifts for corporate world to promote their business and reward their employees.

6. Pen:

If you are thinking of cheap and budgeted Corporate Gifts this year, an easy go to option would be Custom Logo Pens. Ranges of types from Plastic to Metal to Multipurpose. Even though the world is leaning towards technology and software now, there is no doubt that we still need pens in our lives, whether it be a cup of pens on your reception desk or even an appreciation gift to students and clients. A small gesture from these companies creates a big impact in the consumer’s eyes. Keep it simple and keep it elegant, all you need is a simple Custom company logo on the clip of the pen, and you are good to go! You can also have the metal pens custom laser engraved with individual names if you feel like giving your staff something more personal.

7. Lunch Box:

2020 and 2021 has had a big impact on us, from socializingwith out friends to our way of living. Corporate Gifts during this time has changed and its leaning towards hygiene. To adapt to the new normal, some may not be as comfortable eating in a crowded kopitiam as they used to, some may prefer to eat in the office kitchen to save time and money. Gift your employees the option to either eat out or to pack their own lunch! With so many different designs to choose from, basic lunch boxes to thermal lunch boxes to keep your food warm and even eco lunch boxes. Perfectly paired with your Custom Company Logo, it is for sure going to be the perfect gifts for corporate life. Try Custom Cutlery sets as well to match your lunch box 😉

8. Caps:

Fashion trends come in and out as the years go by, but one piece has always been in style, which is the cap or any headwear in general. We all have bad hair days and in Malaysia the weather is unpredictable. Thinking of a Corporate Gift idea that is versatile, fashionable and will not break the bank? Then give Caps and Headwear a try, with so many different types and colors as well as designs, match your corporate colors and get your Custom Company Logo embroidered or printed.

Final Words:

When choosing a Corporate Gift, it should always be about your employees and/or customers. A good gift does not necessarily have to be expensive and branded, a well taught of gift goes a long way, especially if it improves the user’s quality of life. Keep it simple and you can never go wrong. If you need more ideas, you can always communicate with your Corporate Gift Supplier to propose some more Corporate Gift Ideas for you! Read our article on “How to Pick the Right Corporate Gift Supplier?” to find out how to pick the right Corporate Gift Supplier that will match your needs😊.

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