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8 Best Corporate Gift Ideas For Eid

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Are you looking for an occasion to send out corporate gifts??

Well, there is no better occasion to hand out corporate gifts to your clients, customers, and suppliers. Sending out meaningful corporate gifts from a reputable corporate gift supplier Kuala Lumpur will definitely serve its purpose.

SO, if you are looking for some good corporate gift ideas for Eid, here are a few suggestions from us. Have a look and act accordingly!!

1. Fitness Tracker

Many people struggle with their fitness during Ramadan. Sending a fitness tracker will definitely help them to track their fitness routine and get back in shape after Ramadan and they will love your premium gift Malaysia.

2. Environment-Friendly Cutlery Set

Another great and useful corporate gift idea is an eco-friendly cutlery set. This will send out a message to your clients and customers that you care about the environment and would also help protect the environment.

3. USB

If you are looking for a premium gift Malaysia that is very useful and will not end up in a trash can, you should select USB. From students, corporate workers, to business managers, everyone uses USB to save and transfer important data and your corporate gift will never go to waste. Have a look at our USB range

4. Sweets

Eating and distributing sweets has religious and cultural importance on Eid. So, if you want to send out a premium gift Malaysia that is directly related to Eid, sweets are your best option. Moreover, you can choose a box and type according to your budget. There is a variety of sweet boxes available in the market and you can choose one that best fits your requirements.

5. Stationary

Stationery items may sound like a cliché corporate gift item but trust us they are very useful and the receiver will definitely use them. From memo pads, pens, notebooks, weekly organizers, to complete stationery sets we have a range of stationary corporate gift items for you to choose from.

6. Bags

Another useful corporate gift idea is a bag. From students, sellers, and managers, everyone uses bags to carry necessary items. We have a range of different types of bags available. You can go for laptop bags, woven bags, sling bags, canvas bags, or sports duffle bags. Click here to have a look at our range of bags.

7. Travelling Essentials

Eid is a great occasion to celebrate with families and many people plan out travelling plans during the Eid holidays. SO, if you send some good and useful travelling goods to your customers and clients, they will definitely cherish it. Travel organizer, travelling adapter, luggage locks, luggage strap are some travelling-related gift ideas. Click here to view our complete range of travelling corporate gifts.

8. Eid Gift Basket

Can’t choose a single product to be sent out as the best corporate gift for Eid??

Why not send an Eid gift basket??

You can choose a variety of products from the above-mentioned ideas and can also add anything else you like. But don’t forget to add some sweets as they are a must item for the gift basket.

We hope our guide will help you choose the best corporate gift for Eid. If you are looking for a reliable corporate gift supplier Kuala Lumpur, feel free to contact KIIV.CO.

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